A Minnesota native, I began designing and creating jewelry in 1994 by wrapping raw gemstones in gold and silver wire. Next, I taught myself lapidary skills, and began carving my own stones. Seeking more challenge and a way to expand my design ideas, I decided to learn silver and gold fabrication. More recently I have begun fusing high karat gold that I alloy myself, onto mild steel then forming and fabricating that into jewelry. 

 Much of my work includes spiculums; hollow acicular forms. The spiculums themselves begin as raw flat sheet of sterling silver or steel that is cut into particular shapes. These are formed over a groove on the end grain of a wood block by using a cross-pein hammer. The precise blow of the hammer begins to move the metal up and around, creating a hollow form. At times the seams are soldered and the pieces are then combined with other spiculums and/or gemstones set in hand fabricated 22 karat gold, fine silver or gold fused steel bezels. Some of the spiculums are forged in both anti-clastic and synclastic techniques allowing the curves to flow in different directions. At times the seam is not bound with solder in the bracelets, as this allows enough movement in the bracelet to be flexible.

 My jewelry path is a synthesis of my life and inner spiritual journey. Growing up in the military service, I have lived in many places, including Japan and Germany, and traveled most of Europe. There is evidence of the influences of these cultures in my work. In 1997, a strong yearning to take my journey to a more peaceful, quiet lifestyle, prompted my move from the inner city of Minneapolis to the pristine mountains of North Carolina. Nestling in the mountains near Asheville, gave way to a more intimate relationship with nature, and allowed me the peace of mind to expand both my creativity and metal smith skills.

More recently, I am spending winters in Florida and summers back in Minnesota so I can spend more time with my son. My tools are always with me, to both make and teach. Contact me to schedule a workshop near you, or to set up a private tutorial.

 I am a member or former member of the following organizations:

 Carolina Designer Craftsmen

 Piedmont Craftsman

American Craft Council

Southern Highland Craft Guild



Finalist Saul Bell Competition 2003 - Silver Category

Best of Show - 2002 - Telfair Museum of Art



Farm to Table - American Silver 2014

 Tulip Flatware



Private Tutorials

John C. Campbell Folk School