I offer private or institutional instruction to those wishing to learn or improve their metal smith skills. Contact me for further details on pricing and where and times available.

I am currently offering two upcoming classes at the Deland, Florida studio of the Florida Society of Goldsmiths, North East Chapter. To register, contact Carol Zodrow at their website:

May 15th & 16th    11am to 4:30pm  (there will be a half hour break, so bring a snack!)
For everyone's safety proof of full vaccination or masks are required!
Dive into a two-day workshop in basic fabrication of jewelry concepts, while acquiring the skills and knowledge to create your own unique piece of jewelry in sterling silver, brass, copper or combine all three!
You will learn how to cut, saw, pierce, texture, solder and polish.    You will leave inspired; ready to impress your friends and show off your own personal metal necklace, earrings or bracelet. 
No experience necessary.  Class size is a minimum of 4 and maximum of 6.  
This class is taught over two days.  The price is $175 for FSG members ($205 for nonmembers), all tools will be available.  A materials kit will be sold separately (cost to be determined) and will be paid for at the class. 
Students are encouraged to call the instructor after registering for class, to discuss ideas on what they might like to make.
I have also been invited to teach at the Society's winter workshop in January, so stay tuned and sign up for both my newsletter and theirs! That workshop will be a week long workshop and will be held at the Atlantic Center for the Arts in New Smyrna Beach, Florida..


In addition I offer the following for both private and institutional settings:

BASIC FABRICATION - 2 - 5 day workshops available.

This is a beginners 101 class. Learn how to cut, saw, pierce and solder. The 3 day workshop is a class to learn the basics, not for making a finished piece. Extending it to a 5 day workshop will include at least one finished piece of jewelry.



An exquisite stone or object needs a creative setting to show it's best features. In this workshop, you’ll learn to make a setting that is designed for a particular and individual stone or object, whether it be a calibrated stone a free form that you found in nature. The key to setting a stone is with good craftsmanship, and well-finished setting, following the stones individual geometric circumference. In this class, you will learn design concepts surrounding the creation of a setting for a stone or object of your choice, using fine silver bezel wire or silver wire. The setting will also be determined by your own design vision. You do not need to be a pro to learn this technique, but the class will leave you becoming one.

Bring almost any stone or object of your desire, to the class and you will learn to engineer a setting for it. Nearly any small object can be used in a piece of jewelry. Let your creativity run wild!


Develop your your jewelry fabrication skills in this workshop and learn solutions to connecting separate components. Design and create a ring or pendant. Students draw their project first and we will discuss the necessary steps to completion before beginning. Learn to make bezel settings for unusually shaped stones, add hinges or solder components together to form a completed piece. Students may choose to make a ring, pendant, earrings, or a bracelet in this workshop. A minimum of beginning metal smith skills are required for this course.


In this class students will learn both syn-clast and and anti-clast hollow forming. Shell forming and spiculum forming. You will leave the class with samples of different ways in which to form metal. This is not a class to make a finished piece of jewelry. The techniques can be used in jewelry or sculpture. No prior skills are necessary for this class, although helpful.